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What if I tell you that was the day of 9/11 of year 2001? I am sure now you can recall it. Not only in the USA, but across the World, people know about World Trade Center and what happened here. That is why a newly opened 9/11 Memorial is on our list.

It is highly secured area. People have to have passes, even though they are free. It reminds a bit of an international customs in JFK. You need to send your bags through scanner, you are watched by a number of guards and cameras. But it is all again pretty well organized and even if there are a line, it dissolves quite quickly.

Memorial itself is represented by big deep square pools South and North one. They are placed exactly where two missing World Trade Center buildings were. There are 2997 victims’ names written on the both edges of those square pools. People from Fire Departments, people who worked in the office that day, people who were on the planes, people who died in Pentagon area - every single name you can find there. Lists even mention at least six unborn kids.

There was also a note what got us confused. It is the date 26th of February of 1993, which was written above seven names. But thank to very knowledgeable guard – Samuel, we have found out that it was the date when the very first attack in the World Trade Centers had place. It was a bomb in the basement. So no one is forgotten.

The construction in the area is still on. Since with World Trade Centers there are a few more skyscrapers got destroyed, all the building is focused on them now. But it is going fast and soon business will have the opportunity fully come back to that area. For now every September 11th two strong and tall shafts of light would shine from the bottom of those pools connecting earth and the sky, reminding all who live to express their love and care today.