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17.06.2004 10:29:00 

Это интересно...
Регулярно работодатели присылают на адрес ИНТЕКСа информацию о различных вакансиях. Последняя новость следующая. Прямо сейчас открыта вакансия для девушки. Небольшой отель типа Bed&Breakfast под названием Victorian On The Bay, находится в штате New York (вебсайт www.victorianonthebay.com). Фиксированная зарплата не очень высока, но предусмотрены бесплатное трехразовое питание и проживание, плюс чаевые, которые могут сделать финальную сумму заработка значительной. Детали узнавайте у работодателя. Если вы заинтересованы в этой вакансии - обращайтесь напрямую к Rosemary Parker по е-мэйлу rbarone@hamptons.com. Внимание: ИНТЕКС не несет ответственности, в случае, если эта работа вам не понравится, ваши ожидания не оправдаются, и т.п. Это просто вакансия, которая пришла к нам по электронной почте. Однако отель это небольшой семейный, достаточно известный, и мы оцениваем это место как "хорошее" для летней работы студента. В случае, если вы успешно устроитесь на эту вакансию, пожалуйста, обязательно упомяните компанию ИНТЕКС, когда работодатель спросит вас как вы его нашли.

Удачной работы!


We currently have one new position open for a female as an assistant to
the innkeeper for the rest of the summer and into September or October. This includes free room and board plus a salary plus tips.  We are located in a very upscale area of the Hamptons.

Schedule for Live-in interns.

First part of day involves preparing and serving of food or cleaning of
rooms.   We have a check-off list of what needs to be done to make it easy
to know how to schedule oneself.  Gardening, watering and weeding of plants
can also be done at this time. (When weather permits)

The week schedule is a 5 and a half day work week.  There are 5 days of 8
hours and one day of 4 hours.  Days off are arranged based upon the
reservation schedule for the week.  There are no regular guaranteed days off
- i.e., every Wednesday or every Tuesday.  If there is something special an
intern wants to do on a specific day, we always try to work with them.
Weekends are almost always impossible to have off as well as all holidays
(except for Christmas).

The second half of the day work schedule could include, answering the phone,
answering the door, and checking in people.   Filing   could be done or any
other paperwork regarding the bed & breakfast -- For example entering data,
using a variety of computer programs related to the business, sending
brochures, putting together brochures, making copies, etc.

Evening meals will be prepared most days of the week with the help of any
other live-in interns.  We eat family style - everyone sits down together
for the evening meal.

The set up for the next morning breakfast can be done while preparing the
evening meal as well.     This would include reviewing the menu for the next
morning and putting out the number of dishes, utensils, and etc. needed for
the next day.  This would also include preparing everything possible for the
cook - taking out frozen bread if French toast is on the menu is an example.
Putting out the utensils and cooking ware needed for breakfast -pots, pans,
griddles, and whisk, breadbaskets lined with paper towels, and individual
baskets for the guests, tea bowls and checking that sugar and salt & pepper
shakers are full.  Anything that can be done in advance should be done.

It is impossible to tell anyone exactly what needs to be done until the day
and situation arises.  Anyone who is working the schedule - day & night,
needs to be able to think on their own - show a little initiative --take
care of what needs to be done without explicit instruction.  These are the
guidelines not the exact description of the jobs needed to be completed.

The compensation is $600 per month, plus gratuities, plus free room and 3
meals per day.


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